Wednesday, March 7, 2012


S'bin a bit busy round here for the last couple of weeks.  In fact we were banished from our kingdom and sent to Nana and Poppas for a few days.   And when we came back this is what we found in our yard.
Bit of a mess I have to say.    Lots of investigatin to be done - a dogs job is never done.  Nothing is in the right place and what is our fence doing on the lawn?
Nothing is in its rightful place........
All the tiles that had blocked up the Gooses escape holes all scattered round the lawn, whats going on?

In our absence a new fence has gone up - wow that was fast.   The old fence was falling down, the planks was falling off and the Goose was diggin out and hedgehogs was treatin our plantation as thieir annual migration path across New Zealand.  It was all getting too much for Mum.  So now there is a fence and a multi purpose mowing strip which cunningly masqerades as a border proof and hedgehog proof digging out digging in strip.  Spoil all our fun why don't ya.
BT Inspectors at your Service.  Just checking that the concrete is level & the right consistency before ya pay the bill.
My 2nd in command checking out the corner escape gap.   Theres going to be no dramas in this corner forthwith.
Just a few cosmetics to be done now.   Not going to be doing too much fraternising with Dougal and Sally next door through there now are we.  SIGH!!!
And the final touches.   Goose supervisin the painter.   I was inside mindin the couch,  no point all of us being outside in this heat.


  1. most excellent that is a proper prisoner fence, LOL!!! i know exactly what you mean about them pesky hedgehogs i had to fight them off with a new fence too cos they were pooing all over my grass and then stormy was eating it, yuk!

  2. Goose was eatin the hedgehogs!!! Ucky ucky ucky.

  3. yay for a new fence! it looks wonderfully Border proof!

  4. Let's just hope you don't learn to jump that high... :P

  5. That new fence is looking good! My human is so impressed at that picture of your human painting it...she thinks anyone who can do DIY is a superhero...(that's coz I have the kind of humans who can't even find a hammer in a toolbox...)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. ooooh - LOVE your new header picture!

  6. Ah, phooey. Sneaky humans.....ave you tried the gate?