Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Apparently I have goals to achieve this year.   Yes,  you may be as surprised as me to learn this.   I am a dog, and I have goals!!!!!!   You've got to be doggone jokin..........
Whatever happened to just bein a dog?   Sniffin butts,  rolling in stinky stuff, sleepin on the couch for 18 hours a day, barkin at the cats next door for daring to sit on our drive, chewin on ma paw and hangin out by the fridge?    Those were the days........
Well apparently my goals, yes its goals with an essss, not just the one,   are within the realms of possiblility otherwise my partner in crime would lose faith. #1. To get our Rally Novice Title. Apparently this is quite achievable, we need two champ shows with marks over 90. I do think I already have one under my belt but I have yet to retrieve the evidence. My filing clerk is more than a little lax, it's in here somewhere, gonna have to fire her ass. 

#2 is a little more difficult - I am determined to get the hang of the WEAVES but it is proving to be a bit of a struggle. How many times do I have to tell you, don't put your hand on your side, that is your obedience hand and is telling me to stick to you like a teflon dog, not do weave poles.

Whats the matter, are you sick? Come on, you can do it!! We're not quitters round here. GET UP! I will help you.
OK, now try a different arm position, get rid of that obedience hand signal. There you go, you're getting it.
There is hope yet, you are going to look a bit naff running round the field like that but hey, I still love ya.

#3 goal is a CLEAR ROUND, where I stay in the ring for the whole course and dont miss any jumps n tunnels. That is called a STRETCH TARGET. Hmmmmm - back to my couch.


  1. Those weave poles do look tricky... Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I love the wear cue - if it works, do it!


    Snoopy needs to set some goals like that too... or really, her human does!

  4. We are so proud to say that at training on Thursday we shifted the poles together and we can do FOUR like "pros". Mum is gonna look like a right egit but hey don't knock it till ya try it eh!!!

  5. Wow, Bodie - you're making feel like a real slacker!! My only goal for the year so far is find more comfy places to sleep around the house!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. but am really happy to see you doing so well at Agility! We can remember a certain human named Michelle saying you just can't do Agility! Huh! So you showed her! Great photos! And how cool that you're doing the weaves without hand signals! Wish I was back in Auckland coz we'd love to come over and learn with you - maybe your human might have better luck than mine in teaching me to weave!! (Poles, that is)

  6. Good luck wiv dat my pal. My goals for this year are to look after my eart by nappin: each dog to his own I say.