Saturday, November 12, 2011


This week we marched into class and bold as brass Mum says,  "We haven't done our homework".   DOOF.  Couldn't we be like everyone else and bluff - they might not've known.  Mum said it was twas we had been very very busy.   I actually wasn't that  bad so reckon we could've bluffed it.
What was our homework? Heaven only knows. First I thought we were in for a game of "PICK UP STICKS"
Then maybe we was meant to be playing norts n crosses?
Knitting anyone, Knit one, purl one, drop one, woof.

Ah, of course, weave poles, why didn't she ask me I would have told her at the beginning what they was. Sometimes I think she's just a really really slow learner, but I'm bearing with her, she is trainable.
Trying to tell her she is not meant to be a clicking and a YESSING in the middle bit here cos that just slows me down. I reckon she'll click onto it in another couple of weeks.
Now you're getting it Mum, see its really not that hard. But maybe you just need to do a bit of homework each night. Not be lying round on the couch reading. Oops, wasn't meant to tell you that.
And of course this was what the rope was for, not for knitting, but to tie up the ever helpful Goose, cos Mum only needs one teacher at a time.
And theres no show without Punch. Dougal next door always has to watch in on the proceedings just to offer helpful advice like..... Thanks Dougs.


  1. Looks like you are catching on with the weaves there Bodie - keep on practicing with your mum there - you will be doing 12 before you know it!!!! Good job.

  2. Hmmmm, i dussnt get omewerk but WIllium does. Mebbe the Goose would like to come and elp him wiv dat. Do she speak Spanish and kno Jograffy?

  3. Jograffy, she knows where Newzillund is does that hayalp?