Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our club had an agility show on Sunday so after 5 weeks of intense training I dragged Mum along to see what we could do.   Last minute instructions

Yeah yeah I know   concentrate, concentrate, no sniffin.
And we're off,   I have to let you in on a secret, this was the second attempt,  the first one I went round the side and so the timer didn't even start.    This ones a PASS.
Jump done,  what a legend.
What, another one already,  you go that way,  I'll meet ya round the front...
Wait right there, I'll be back,  just gotta go check out the bag wrapper I found in the agility shed earlier.
Back again for some more agiliteerin.   Who put this junk in my way.  Mums insistent I'm not to go round this.  SIGH!!
Tunnel in
Tunnel Out
I have to admit to some more extracurricular activities,  I ran out the ring on the other side too, so much to do, so little time.  This jump was actually me having another run at the end - once all the Micro weeny teeny dogs was done.   I think these teeny tiny jumps are much more me, what do you think.    Does my butt look big in this?

When the dogs was done with the agiliteez there was a 60 weave pole challenge.   Heres Pepper
And the winner was Hiska the Kelpie.  Fast dog that one!!!!
Well after all that puffin and pantin I even got a stifficat.   Apparently it was just for breathin and lookin good.  Lucky they wrote Mini on there,  specially after someone was heard to mention my height might a been enhanced by a roll of fat round my neck.  Hey, us Borders are very sensitive you know.    I'll have you know that I've got RIBS!!!


  1. Wow, looks like you were having fun anyway. Brilliant.

  2. I LOVE your comments Bodes!
    From that woman who thinks it's fun sometimes to pull the hair out of your skin.

  3. Amamzin werk my pal. Finishin it all in one go is WAAAAAY overrated

  4. Hi Bodie,

    I, Mint, went to my first agility show on Saturday too. It seems you had lots of fun in and around the agility ring. So did I!

    Mint the Beagle