Sunday, May 22, 2011


40 pads, 8 paws, one fearless lion and a GOOSE.

The lion rests in his lair , a hard day of guarding his pride coming to an end.

Until LO, the white hunter returns. What do you want with us white hunter?

Nooses are thrown on the ground as if in challenge, the lion and the GOOSE are lassooed by the neck and dragged out into the icy wastelands.

Dark, cold, unforgiving, an icy blast comes up from the Desert Road.......

Hour after hour, mile after mile, they are dragged through the dark, wintry, barren suburbia.....

Until finally it is time to turn for home.

Lit only by the pale moonlight, and the fading hope of dinner.

Back into his rightful place, the lion rests with his pride.

Epilogue from the Ed aka the White Hunter: Since a puppy Bodie has been not that impressed with walks on leads and has to be bribed out of the house if you can believe it. He is more than happy for me and GOO to wander off out the door, he doesn't make a peep and can be found happily waiting for us when we get back. I am ever amazed - a dog that doesn't get excited by the sight of a lead!!! On a walk he will find any excuse to turn for home, rain, too far, sometimes it is easier to turn back than drag him. We are lucky to live 5 minutes from grounds where I can let him off, he is great off lead, he doesn't stray far and comes immediately when called. Goose on the other hand feels much more secure on lead and would happily go for many walks a day, wave a lead at her and she is dancing on the porch, not hovering behind the door or lurking in the hallway as is the Bodester!!!


  1. Cookie was just like Bodie. He didn't get excited when he was told that we were going out for a walk on leash. Instead, he enjoyed walking off leash in parks. He used to wander off as a puppy, but as an adult dog he stuck to his human as long as she held some food in her hand, which seems to be something Cookie was doing differently to Bodie. I understand that Bodie doesn't rely on the presence of food when it comes to recalls.

  2. Hehe that is quite funny, we love going out on the lead - takes a bit to get us out of bed when its cold and rainin, but once we are going we enjoy it ;)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. I dussnt blames you Bodie. Wot is the points of a walk iffens you is stuck on a lead. Walks is for explorin and sniffin and avin a little run.

  4. He hee, altho you dussnt find me refusin a lead walk. In fact, I gets quite excited and pull and pull and pull.....which means the typist hates lead walkin us!!

  5. Oh, Bodie - I'm with you. I can take it or leave it when it comes to walks. I don't know why my humans always have to insist on "daily walks for health reasons" - sheesh. I mean, I quite like it once I get out and about (although if it's hot, I hate it) but to get me out the door is quite a feat too. Hsin-Yi used to think I was the only weird dog that wouldn't get excited at the suggestion of a walk (I mean, other doggie owners have to SPELL the word!) - until we met you! We're 2 of a kind! Hee! Hee!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. have you seen my latest post with the latest roundup of some contestants & their "behind-the-scenes" practising? Aren't you impressed? They've all been working hard!! :-) Am so proud of them!