Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is Brody the Sibebord and Bodie the Border Terrier reporting from the NZ Nationals in Fielding. I know, we were going to do a live daily report but the technology was not working. The technologist is on report and better pull its paws up!!

Wednesday 29th September - left Auckland at 0900 sharp in the dog motel. On board are the two Odies , Max the Maxscot and my other trusty Border friend Onny. Oh yeah and a couple of serfs up the front in charge of driving and navigation.

A three hour drive to Taupo where we stop to collaborate with the rest of our pack, True, Murph and Koru.

Max had a bit of a paddle. He - like me has allergies to cold water.

Brody the fearless had a swim. Good grief that is a volcanic lake, and it looks fffffffffllllllippin freezing Brody. What say you? Yeah well dude, when the navigator throws your fave toy out in the lake you just gotta go get it don't ya. Why do they have to do that?

While I sampled the grass. Hmmmmmmmmmmm aromatic and spicy flavours with low lying fresh volcanic flavour, best served with chicken necks.

Finally after a 9 hour trip, honestly I think those serfs were gossiping up front & not concentrating on the job - we arrived at the venue.

Hmmm, this could be a bit of a problem, isn't this a dog show??

Well , while I was here as mentor and chief of lounging about, some of the other doggles actually had some jobs to do. Brody was entered in the Obedience Prelude and main show. Here he is ready on the start line for the Prelude Show. How did you think it went Brody? Yeah well, was a bit of a practice run for tomorrow Bodie - maybe you can give me some useful pointers laderon.

While inside some other dogs were in the breed competitions. Here are some of my successful compatriots. Lizzie won the Best Junior of Group for us BTS.

Archie won BEST OF BREED. Go Archie

And my sister Ruby won NZ Bred Stakes - or is that steaks? Hmmmmmmmmmmm you can see the family resemblance, give me the NOMS......

While all that's going on - here's me, back at the dog motel had found an apple lying on the bench. By the time I'd finished there were two pips left on the drivers bed....

Brody too did quite a lot of serious lounging, here he is pretending to be a ............ Brody what the heck are you actually doing dude?

Max was also in a heelwork to music competition with Mum. He knows lots of tricks and he does a dance to The Sugar plum Fairy music. We had to lug a big coffee table down for him to dance on. Hey Mum, Max is dancing tonight and we've got him a wee bit dirty - look at his paws. You're gonna get in trouble.

On the way home back through Taupo. And hey check this out.


  1. What a pawsome blog. Look slike you had a rily good time and met lots of nice dawgs. We sure wish we could go to shows like that. Oh....and very sensible wiv da water. It's nasty, dangruss stuff

  2. I'm allergic to cold water too, Bodie!! But I have a nasty human too who keeps trying to make me go in it!!

    That looks like a packed trip. Are there any videos of the doggies doing their jobs? How did Brody do in his Obedience? And what about Max??!! I wanna see him dancing!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Ah yeah there is a video of Brody doing obedience, we will load that up. And Max got a big dose of stage fright in front of 800 peeps!! So Mum had to dance round lots to fill up the music waiting for him to see her. She thinks Max is being a terrier like me and he needs other stuff like a dancing partner in the ring too Honey like our routine to keep him occupied. She said she will film his routine under ideal conditions, the video on a tripod for you. And I'll do the clapping.