Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been tagged to play a game that's on Frankies blog to tell how I got my name. First I will tell you how Mum even got a Border Terrier cos she had never even seen one of us little brown dogs in her life. She knew she wanted two doggies but nothing too big so she went out to a terrier breed show to have a look as she thought she wanted Scottish Terriers. But when she started looking around she noticed that alot of the terriers had really wee short legs and as she thought she might want to one day do agility she might need something with legs. Then she noticed a cool wee brown dog up on a table and found out it was called a Border Terrier and it was love at first sight. Next she met my Dad Stan, who was really cool and just quietly napping in his crate waiting for his turn to go do some breed show poses. She found out that Stan had some puppies that were going to be born in 6 weeks and she said she wanted one. When she got home she read all about us just to check what our design features were. So while she was waiting for my team to arrive she started thinking about names.

Eventually there were going to be two of us so out of all the pair names she thought of she decided to call us Bodie & Doyle, out of a programme in the 1980s called "The Professionals" about 2 cool cops in the UK. So I was the first pooch on the scene out of this gruesome twosome so of course I was Bodie. My kennel name is Chytrugh Lord Toropapa, some people call their dogs by parts of the kennel name, well Chytrugh is like the surname so I couldn't be called that, its kinda like calling me Smith. Next the breeder calls the dogs Lord and all the girls are Lady and calling me Lord would just make people blink. Which left Toro or Papa. So NUP - Bodie it is. When the breeder heard that my name was going to be Bodie she said "Oh no, not another Border Terrier called Bodie!" What did she mean, Mum hadn't even seen a border terrier in her life, and we haven't met another one yet. We found out later that a very famous author/vet in the UK that wrote stories under his author name of James Herriot had a Border Terrier called Bodie. Well that's ONE.

Here's me at 16 weeks old. A bunch of nicknames already hanging off me like Bodes, Wodes, the Bodester, and Little Toot cos when I was even littler and used to run round the house I puffed like a wee steam train.

So I know you are now asking, what happened to Doyle. Well as often happens with pairs, its all in the planning. And in a nutshell GOO just wasn't a Doyle. Magoo was 2 when she came to live with us, she wasn't very well and needed a nice new home. We fell in love with her immediately, well Mum did, I suddenly had to share my toys & my Mum. But on the first morning when we woke up and she was still there my waggy tail gave me away. Yeah ok Mum, she's pretty cool and can stay. So as well as a new home, she got a new name just in case her old name had been used with a growly voice, and she didn't answer to it anyway.

And Mrs Magoo has a range of nicknames most of them rhyme with OOOOOOOOO. Goo, Goose, Moose, Mumu, Goosey Moo. But most of the time its just GOO.
Who would have ever thought that much went into a name. Wish mum would put that much thought into our dinner, like getting it out of the freezer to thaw on time.


  1. That's a rilly good story my pals. I did get my name from dad. He wanted to call me Frank Zappa (or Zappa) but mum dint like it so to keep the musical theme and to honour his uncle who has lived in the Carribean for 30 years he decided on Marley. Imagine how cross he was when " Marley & Me" hit UK bookshops about two weeks later!!

  2. Hey Bodie - what a great post! I loved finding out all the background to how you came to be "The Bodester"! :-) My human was really interested too coz although she knew a bit of the story, she didn't know all the other details!

    But hey - you STILL didn't say where the name "Mrs Magoo" came from? Is it from a movie or TV show or book or something? My human doesn't recognise it...

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. OOOOOH! THat picture of you as a puppy with your human...SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

  3. Oh yeah, Bodie "Its All About Me".... Mrs Magoo comes from a tv programme when Mum was my age except it was called Mr Magoo and was about a funny little man that had coke bottle glasses and mumbled alot. We think he did good stuff but can't really remember much. So not really sure how that relates to a little dog with reeely good eyesight who doesn't mumble at all, in fact when she came to live with us she sang. Did you know Border Terriers could sing. Look it up, its true.