Sunday, January 21, 2018


29/05/04  Me with my fur Mum Teva and my two sisters and one brother.   Not sure which is me but I is likely the big one.
4 months old and home now with my new Mum.   Right from the get go we appeared to have matching furs.
Meeting members of my new whanau - my cousin Rach hanging onto me tight.
When I was 11 months old I got me a sister,  Magoo.   She was 17 months old and she was always gonna be the bossy one.   If there were ever going to be awards for diggin, rollin and barkin,  we would have been up there.
Mum n me did dabble at all sorts of hobbies.  Short of learning how to play the violin, I did them all.
Won a coupla ribbons in Obedience n CGC n Rally
Had a go at Agility but this was not for me!!!.  I'm a proud and noble border terrier, lier onner of couches,   noms conniseur  and dispenser of furry hugs.  Get me outta here.
The Swan Song of my dancing career with my girlfriend Honey.
This was more my style - a good old game of tug
Hangin around with my two best girls
And wrestlin with my besties
Out on Border Patrol with our Dog Walker
Sunday afternoons at the Park with Mum
Beach walks with my fave Aunty
In 2009 I started my blog.
Weekly meeting with my editor in chief just before publishing the weekly news.
From then on I was stalked by the pawparazzi with every move documented
In 2009 me n all my dancin dog buddies made the centrefold of Bradley Trevor Grieves book  "Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats".
Apart from Dog sports I had to try everything.  Water,  - Not a big fan.
To know me was to love me.
You can't have me,  I have a home already
Childrens that had previously been scared of doggies fell in love and wanted a dog.
Do I have to get up every day?  Where does it say that in the manual?
Always remember your helmet
Over the past few years I perfected the art of public transport.  My chauffeur was very well trained.
My gondola driver was even trained to deliver me right up onto the bank so that I could walk across the front of the boat and stay bone dry.   "#Winning
In 2013  my sister Magoo went over the rainbow bridge.
And cos every boy should have a puppy, I got me an early Christmas present.    A  Euan
We've been larrikinin about for the past 4 years,  chasin the birds,  barkin at the cat next door,  welcomin anyone who stepped onto the porch.
Goin for more sedate walks about town as I got older.
Ambling at the Domain with my old ladyfriend Tamalee.
Posin for a debut in Öld Dogs Wisdom  - Fiona Tomlinson 2017
Whoever said "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend"  didn't have a dog.

Bodie  29/05/04 - 13/01/18  -13.8yrs
The Best Wingman a girl could have asked for   
Rest Easy my little love

(Bodie had a stroke on 12/01/18 and died at home with me the following night.  Too soon wee man too soon).  


  1. He was such a lovely wee man. Made me laugh, he was staunch about what he did and didn’t like. No one, but no one could make him do what he didn’t wanna. Miss you Bides 💓🐾

  2. I am so sorry Michelle. He was a grand old Bloke and you could not have given him a better life. Thank you for all the love you gave him

  3. We lived and loved his life with you thru the posts and pics. Way to make the absolute most of 13.8 years, Best Bodie Mum Ever. He won't have left you yet. Xx

  4. This has come as a shock to me, He was such a cool little dude. He had the best life with you Michelle and we all have wonderful memories of him xx

  5. Beautiful,leaking eyes here
    So much love.

  6. So sorry to hear the news. Your photos and words have always cheered me up. What a great dog, and a fun life you gave each other.

  7. So sorry to hear this news :( What a pawesome life the two of you shared together filled with some fantastic adventures. Milo, Jet & Arli