Saturday, April 15, 2017


Easter Visitor to our estate.     We lurv visitors, especially of the Borderkind but don't call us Doggist.
 Euan took Tweed quickly under his wing and explained the ropes
Its a big job.   Girls can do anything!!
 The usual job description for new recruits is complete perimeter recconoitre and mail drop
 I'll be checking your work in a jiffy
 Euan the underling doing initial mail checks, hope its all been delivered
 Top quality.   Good enough to roll in I say!
Still finishing the mornings work.  It is a big mail round.  Ronald - next doors weaseley cat has usually been in overnight.  Just because - he gets to snoop about the hood unchecked. Not to mention the odd hedgie on his annual hibernation route.  The birds do laps in our waterbowl.  Mebbe the odd meth head police chase across the lawn.   What doesn't go on in our garden!!!
Hmmm what do we have here,  the answer to Aucklands housing crisis?
Its pretty top quality.   I don't see any evidence of life though.  Mebbe you could list it with the local real estate?
 Chief Snooperviser
I'll have his job in a "jiffy"
Wannabe Chief Snooperviser
 The underling and the newbie having a coffee break.
 In fact we seem to have lost the newbie.
 Sitting on the job by the looks
It's called multitaskin. I finished ages ago
 Lyin down on the job.  
 Sleepin on the job!!!!  Not even pretendin to work!!!
Can we keep her?
 Euan bein quite the man for the ladeez took Tweed for a stroll round the hood.
Red N Blue

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