Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Enough of the pawpawartsy.  Lets get this show on the road....
Once a week while Mums busy slaving down the salt mines Aunty Rach from Take The Lead comes round and takes us gadding about the hood.
 Sometimes its just us but most times theres back up....
 Thursdays is Terrier day.   Here's me, the giant amongst terriers.   Just small groups of dogs and we're all on a lead so there's no chance of getting lost or wandering off.
 While on other days we get to hang with the big guys Jasper and Lucas.  Borders borders everywhere.
 All these places are in our hood, we're pretty lucky really.  A snooterers paradise.
 Aunty Rach takes lots of photos and vids for to send to Mum sos she can see what a good time we are having, while shes having a similarly good time - snootering her way through spreadsheets.   *snorts*
 Top secret locayshun, if we told you where this photo was taken we would have to kill you. Don't we look special in pink?
 An off lead butterfly seen on our travels.
 And water water everywhere.  NZ is not far from water anywhere, you can see my joy at finding some to wallow in.  It's been very hot this summer so the occasional dabble is tolerated.
 Dont even think of making us go in that raging river,   its flowing too fast and we'll end up in the Waitemata Harbour.  We're not much of swimmers you know. 
What do you mean we are going home already.  This was so much fun, thanks Aunty Rach, see you next week.

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  1. Sorree I haz been late catchin up my pals....look like eye class snooterin...and is gud to haz deputee staff