Friday, April 3, 2015


Bring me a fan
 We've had a blinder of a summer.   Has been hot as all get up.
Agility By The Sea
Euan has done a bit of trainy training.  The first time the jumps went up on the lawn here he looked at them like he had never seen jumps in his life.
 There's been more shenanigans going on than training....  we have to be honest
 President and Vice President of the Shenanigans committee.
A quorum of two and meetings rage on for hours
 And hours
Awwww best buddies, Euan & Georgie
What you doing Cooper?
 On the other hand,  Cooper is too cool for thems meetings
Why won't you play with me?
 And not interested in playing with the young buck at all.
 Same for me,  too hot to be racing about with the young things...
I guess thats a no then....
 Can we come and help with the sunset photos Mum,  Promise we won't leg it over the fields and down to the beach while you're busy with the camera.
 Last sunset of summer
 Arty farty shot in the bedroom window.
 Can you tuck me in please.  I've had a really really big day.
Night night, sleep tight.

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  1. Thanks for sending uz yoos summer my pal...is warmin up niclee ere