Monday, July 14, 2014


Looky who we met on todays walk.   We tried really really hard to get a nice photo to show you.
But trying to get three Border Terrorists to sit and pose for the camera well....
It would probably be easier to wrestle with a bowl of spaghetti
 Riff Raff what you doing in the photo shoot? 
Blow this for a game of cards I'm off....
 I'm off too,  smells to sniff,   horse poop to roll in,  we's busy guys...
 Remember Yoshi,  Euans brother that did come to stay with us for the weekend when they was wee.  Well this be him.
A rose between two thorns
Unfortunately my usual good looks have been rooooined by Mum who has been pickin at my head, thus making me now look like a pinhead with a big body.   I'd lay a complaint but I'm not sure who'd be listnin.
Notice how tidy Yoshi was, he must've been to the cleaners recently.  This be Euan who hasn't been near a groomer to state the obvious.
He's starting to be lookin like a character out of Sesame Street.
 What you lookin at.   This be my best Rod Stewart impawsonation 

Even if I have only got half me clothes on at the moment Mum still thinks I'm boodiful


  1. Yoo shut get an eyeful of da Lola at da momint my pal…her is lookin like da wukky from STar Wars….