Monday, March 24, 2014


Today being Monday, our fave beach was pretty much deserted.   Mum did take the day off work as our house was getting a new lid and she did want to snoopervise.   I mean its not every day your house gets a new fro is it?    Well by about 11am we'd had enough of the hammeren and banging and listnin to the hobnailed boots stomping round our heads so into the taxi and off to Kak.

We did take Euan's Uncle Koru with us.  Someone sensible to keep us out of terrier troubles.
This checking on peemail can be a taxing task.   Mebbe we should split up and take a section each.
I can do this.  Not so hard.
Mum did play a bit of a trick on the little guy.   When he wasn't looking she raced around to the far side of the stream and then called him over.
Captain Fearless - going where no terrier has gone before

You can see why Border Terriers are called "otter heads" can't you.
Come on little guy you can do it.
Well he did make it look so easy, and didn't look fazed at all.
Well I couldn't be outdone by the Pipsqueak could I.   Look at me walking on water.
How many borders can you see.   As we left it seems that a Border Terrier convention was about to start.  We did bump into Dylan and Loki.  And when we got back to the car we bumped into a lassie from Tenille down in Christchurch.  Mebbe she was related cos my Dad was Tenille Bilbo Baggins.         Talk to yas next week,  I may have dried out by then.


  1. Much better than listening to that hammering and banging all day. Hope the new housetop goes on fast.


  2. I duss not be doin the swimmin Bodee my pal….is fur fish and no uvver animals….praps fings be diffrunt down under wiv no gravitee an wotnot