Sunday, November 10, 2013


 Its the end of week two and I'm resigned to the fact that the triffid is here to stay.  Gettin in ma face, in ma space and as you will see, stealin ma limelight and ma tuggies.
 To add insult to injury I've been told that he has to be allowed to help with the writins on my bloggy.  What a liberty!!  He can barely sit on command how can he be doing the writings?
See what I mean about stealin my tuggies.   Not only does he steal em from right under my nose,  he is a hoarder.
 Trying to hide them in his castle.
 At least he can self entertain,  he can spend hours climbin on and falling off his tree stump.  Young things are so easily amused.
So if you see writins on the actual photo, thats Euan doin his tweets.
Look at me Bodie, look at me,  I got your tuggy.
 If I ignore him do you think he will go away?
 I guess thats a negative.
 Well as if I didn't have enough to contend with, on Tuesday night Agent Frank came to stay for a few days.  Can ya see him in his bed?   He is only 11 months old so full of bouncy puppiness too.  Good grief, does it never end?
So as Frankie was full of bounciness and Euan is still only the size of a guineapig we couldn't let Frankie bounce all over Euan.  Well that's what Mum said anyway.  I didn't have a problem with it.  Euan bounces and lunges over me all the time.  And me bein Mr Cool Calm and Collected, I just got to be the middle man and come and go as I please.   It helps when you are the one with the know how to get through the dog door.  Those young guys simply don't have a clue.  Thank dog for that is all I can say.
 So more followin about by another little pesty brother.
 Every breath you take
Every step you make
Every move you make
 I'll be watching you
Hmm  to eat or not to eat


  1. Hello Bodie
    What a cute new fur brother that you have it looks like he is very busy exploring the world around him. He really does seem to love your tug toy. Milo & Jet

  2. Looks like things are coming along. Bodie, Zack had to put up with this little white fluffy thing called Molly, but over time a sister or brother grows on you. Looks like he follows your lead - teach Euan all about the world border terrier style!!!!

  3. I feels yore pane Bodie my old pal…..is orrid when small finds invade yore one…werse if they do be name Lola...