Sunday, October 27, 2013


Please play with me Bodie
The big day arrived last Friday and well ............ I just have to blurt it like it is.   Mum in all her wisdom decided that as I had always had a friend,  it was time.  For her to get me a guineapig. Dog Bless her - but truly what was she thinking? 
Ello to you little critter.  I'm sure you're kinda welcome but.......
What am I meant to do with?
He's  bin snooterin my feet,  snooterin as far up ma legs as it can reach, doin play bows in front of ma face, squeakin at me.   I had to told him off for trying to get milk out of me privates and Mum told him that tryin to bungee off ma tail wasn't such a flash idea either.
 Follows me round the house like a little lost soul.  Really I can do without the hero worship.
 If he's not inside hangin off me leg, he's outside eatin daisies,  not helpin Mum with the washin and not helpin Mum with the gardenin and not helpin with the lawnmowin.
 I have had a rejuvenated interest in all me toys.  Wonder why.  The word sharin seems to be coming up frequently in conversations.
 Good grief,  he's even nicked me fave tuggys.   And growled at me for one too,  The cheek!
Thats gotta take some effort, my toys are bigger than he is.
 'tography can be deceptive.  The photo suggests he is rilly rilly fast but I can tell you he takes half a day to get across the lawn.  I think mebbe we should give him a packed lunch for his journey.
More than a little uncoordinated,  getting four legs to go in the same direction at once can be a challenge for a guineapig.
 Appawrently if we let him sleep lots he will grow fast and turn into a Border Terrier brother that I can run about with.
Shhhh, tiny puppy is GROWING
Oh yeah and by the way,  I have been told to tell ya.  His name is eUan.
WOOF - the Bodester


  1. Congratulations, Bodie... Sorta! Lots of fun times ahead.

  2. Oh dear, he tried to nurse on your privates? Not much going on upstairs, is there? He seems like quite a handful. You'll have to teach him house rules, no two ways about it. Remember, you are the big(ish) doggie.


  3. So glad you finally have you new little bruvwer - you will love him eventually - he will be your best buddy. He is adorable :)

  4. He is lovely you take care of him Bodie!


  5. Dis do be da furry best of noos my pal....well dun....and elli fur yoo Yooun my tiny pal....

  6. Hi guys are you on twitter if so .find the #btposse or find me WAFREL .for loads of our border terriers