Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 My mate Koru came round on Sunday to hang with me.
 Me n the Ginger could do this for hours.
 Moochin n smoochin
 Koru pretendin he is as short tall as I am.
 Mmmmm    some fresh peemail, wonder who its from?
 He's very handsome my mate eh?
Other than visitors I've just bin doing some serious moochin on ma tod.    Dabbling in sun puddlin out in the garden - it's only early August but  its startin to feel like summer already.    Pssst - Don't you think I should have some say over the photos that the pawparazzi  publish of me,   this photo makes me look like I need a date with Jenny Craig and truly I don't,  there is something wrong with the camera.
 If it gets much hotter I'm gonna have to get rid of me winter coat and get into my summer togs.
Is still a bit cold at night though so the heaters still going.  Here's me being the carin sharin guy I am and lettin the Goose be the closest to the heater.
The Goose,   aka Sleeping Beauty.....

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  1. awww lovely friends, lovely life, lovely pictures.