Saturday, July 13, 2013


 Wakey wakey,  Saturday morning.  What's it like outside?   Is it worth barking about?
 What does my partner in crime 'the Goose' recommend?
 The consensus seems to be Mum - that you shift your carcass and make a management decision, we is quite comfortable very much and thank you for asking.  You can see how much Mum hogs the bed can't ya, at least she didn't disturb us on the way out.
 Oh WOW!!!   It is one of thoooooooose winter days.   Just what we ordered, great stuff lets get out there.    Aotearoa - Land of the Long Tall White Cloud.
 Off to Orakei Basin for some serious sniffin and sun bakin.
Last year when we was here we didn't find this bit,  lots of really cool boardwalks that a Border with four left feet can't fall off.   Hey  I resemble that remark,  who said that?
Of course we came with my mad good friend Bailey.
 And Koru,  can you see him.   I think he is doing Time Out.  
How ludicrous a Koru doing Time Out?
 Not so ludicrous  a Bodester doing Time Out........  hey who is writing this blog?  
I resemble that remark and all.
How can you not come home feeling all Zen after going for this walk.   Honey  my good friend,  how come we never did this walk together?
Something for everyone, you can even do some trainspotting.

I don't get the trainspottin thing but heck they surely make alot of noise.
Can you see the tui in the flame tree?  Double click and biggify the photo.
New Zealand Natural Graffiti.   I think we need to go in search of a better example.
Have a good week everybody.


  1. We haz ot sun this week my pal....is bakin all the dogs ard as old bones...we is wishin for some winter cool in....anyhoo, I iz off for free weeks oliday now so you dussnt ere from me for a bit. See yoo when I returns....

  2. That was certainly worth getting out of bed for.