Monday, June 24, 2013


Our ears are so finely tuned that nothing is guaranteed to get us up and out of bed faster than the soft swoosh of a fridge door openin.   Out from under the bedcovers,  paws to the carpet and skidding to the kitchen 0 - 60mph in 3 seconds flat.

You called?
What I wouldn't give for opposable thumbs,  the foodables that come out of the fridge are an endless source of  wonder.

 I hope this is good,  you know I interrupted a long lie in for this trip.

Open it already,  I'm a busy guy,  I've got a postman to bark at in half n hour and peemail to leave.   

I'm here for the fridge,  the whole fridge,  n nothing but the fridge.
Yep,  I could do a bit of damage to that with ma barkin gear.
Can just about reach.......
WOOFs  Bodie the Fridge Magnate.


  1. Ah ha...I haz stuff to teech you my pal...haz to get snout right up gainst the door edge and gib it a big SNUDGE til the door be open in....it ave werked fur me

  2. If they have hands........it would be trouble... Best looking Fridge Magnet ever!!!!