Sunday, March 31, 2013


 We've all been busy out searchin for the past four days.  Started on Friday out at Kakamatua.  The Bodester hot on the trail.
 My trusty sidekick Bails has now got a whiff of it too....
 Gidday matey .   nice day for it.
Hello to you too.
 Yo dude
Another site under investigation,   I'm not sure we're gonna have much luck here though, is not smellin right to me.
 By Monday the net had widened to include Woodhill forest and we had to get more troops onto the searchin.   Jet looks like he might have a strong lead.
 Every blade of grass was thoroughly investigated.
Ah mate, dare I suggest this is not the time to be lyin down on the job.   I'll just suggest that respectfully from afar.

 A job so big we had to call in top notch reinforcements.

 Guys n gals please,   you are just not gonna find any in there at all.  You do know what we is lookin for don't cha  or are ya just havin some downtime?   You don't notice me n my border terrier mate swimmin about in there do ya?
 Well looks like the Easter Bunny lives another day.   None found on this jaunt but we all had a pretty fab time.
 PSSST,    while we was out lookin for the Easter bunny,  my new mate Jet that came with us is actually lookin for his forever home.    He's a really cool dude and Aunty Barb is looking after him at the mo.


  1. We had a fab day, thanks Aunty M. That dog Jet is just gorgeous!

  2. That looks like you tried very hard to find the easter bunny where sure you will catch him next year. Especially with so many doggie friends helping you. We hope Jet finds a very good home soon he is a very handsome boy. From Milo & Jet

  3. we dint find no bunnies eever my pals....mebbe Lola ate em all last year...or mebbe they hear her comin now that mum fitted her wiv a bunny-bell!

  4. What a great day on your easter hunt. Lot of doggy friends too - what fun!!!