Friday, October 12, 2012


You look like 10 miles of  bad road....
Looking the picture of good elf but Goo is not a box of birds.
Mange??? Please DOG no!!
And it hasn't helped that the NZ Dog World Magazine this month had an article on the dreaded M word.  Nothing like a bit of self diagnosis when you aren't a vet.

Lie down with a wet flannel should fix it.
 Not sure who is actually sickies here.  Some one is having a fit of the vapours.
Exhibit number 1,   moths??
Goose has hotspots.  Ugh,   which means there is nil, zippo , de nada attention spent on the Bodester at present.   Goos skin is examined daily, hourly minutely by the in house vet.
I heard the fridge door open....
Which means  I have to monitor the drug intake, an impawtant task.
Ah that looks more like it.

Medicine for all the familee.

And every second day a barf.   I'm happy to help wif the drugs but she's on her own wif the barfin.
Still seems none the worse for wear.

Note from Ed.   Hotspots,  what a horrible horrible thing and they grow so fast.  Not a typical affliction for the BT breed possibly but Magoo's skin has always been quite yeasty and I'm thinking we've been lucky to get this far without being affected.   I think our weekend trip away a few weeks ago where she was doing very long walks in her harness, in and out of rock pools possibly exacerbated it.   It seems to be mainly on the top of her back and round the harness area.  Which is fortuitous as she can't scratch or lick up there.   There's been two full blown spots and a few other sites that I am monitoring.  We used to be wash n wear dogs but after reading about this our bathtime is finished now with a blow dryer.   Luckily when it comes to humans wee Goo takes anything I throw at her in her stride.  And is very malleable when it comes to bathtime,  just slinks her way into the bathroom.  The Bodester on the other hand is out the dog door before you've even thought watery thoughts.


  1. think i will come and babysit magoo - she may need some vitamins - cat bikkies and shrewsberry bikkys - they were her favourites... oh dont tell shells - bodie likes to share too xx

  2. Oh hot spots are the worst! My Airedale used to get them all the time. I kept a set of clippers handy to shave off the fur as the hot spot itself frequently extended beyond the place that was readily visible. Plus no fur means easier to air out. Hope that the in house vet gets things in hand. Sorry about the barfing.

    Mango Momma

  3. Oh noes...poor Goose....i ope its improved some for her...