Monday, August 20, 2012


You know how last yearish we did the big walk cross New Zealand.   Well we are planning another walk but this time I suggested we do a recce first.   So here we go - Takapuna Beach to Devonport.   How far is that exackery?
Bodie the Border Terrier,  Recconoitereur Extraordinaire.
First round the rocks to St Leonards Bay,  so far so good,  tides way out,  beach is nice n dry n sandy,  just the right textures n temperatures for our paws.
Plenty of room for runnin
Onward round the rocks.
Hmmm nice smooth rocks,  not too slippy, and no sharp oyster shells.
There is no charge for this service.
Optis heading out for race off Narrow Neck
Plenty of views if you don't want to be looking at rocks n dogs.
Hmmm, my 'tographer did do racing for 10 years so I had to pose in front of lots of racin boats.
Not too crowded,  only half of New Zealand is at the beach today, the other halfs is out racin.
Room with a view 
Finally, we reached Cheltenham Beach.  Bout 5 kays to here. 
Catch of the Day
As the tide was on its way back in by now we had to come back by the road.  I blame the tographer drooling over the boats but she blames my leisurely walking pace.   
I've had enuff now thanks, can we call a taxi?
What do you mean I've still got 3 kays to go.   I've bout had enuff.   (PSSST,  eventually Mum carried me for some of the way cos she said we'd be still walking into the middle of next week at the pace I go round the streets.)

This is a beautiful walk.   Is about 10 kays if you walk both ways, or could park some cars at both ends and do a picnic.


  1. sounds good!!!!!!ONNY SAYS LET ME AT IT! as long as there are no huge boulders to slip between.

  2. Even Twinkle Toes Onny couldn't come to any harm on this walk

  3. I have nearly done that walk. got as far as cheltenham...then turned back due to car being at the boat ramp at takapuna (don't want to get a ticket ;-) )

  4. Looks like a pawsome walk my pals. Is further than I can go these days but I fink you will be hazzin fun doin it.

  5. I'm very impressed that little doggies like you guys can walk 10kms! My two boofas get tired at about 5!