Monday, July 16, 2012


There's lots of buzzing in the Supercity at the moment that the V8s are going to be racin at Puke (thats Pooky to you'se who don't speak NewZillindish).   So last Sunday,  me n my back up crew drove out Sowf to see what twas all about.   Hurry up crew - it doesn't take that long to pack me some water and don't forget some treaties.
My arrival eagerly awaited by my  chicky babes -  Loyal Fans.

I got to test drive one of the racin machines.
After a few laps I was a dab hand, and the track was in a fine state.
Pit crew
And my back up crew was d'lighted at the colour of my race car,  apparently you can't beat yellow.  Have to keep the back up crew happy.  What a Guy!!