Monday, July 2, 2012


On Saturday I went over to visit my new cousin Peppa.   She is 10 weeks old and look, already she is bigger n me.   I don't think I am being fed enough.
Wanna play with me Bodie?
Hmmm,  smells like scones with cream, with cream and jam, with cream and jam  to me
What you doing Bodie?

He's a bit busy to play at the moment....

Me and my shadow.

Are you ready to play with me now?

Yay playing.......

Such fun!!!

Then on Sunday I did some catalogue modelling for new gumboots.
His n Hers


  1. Looks like fun my chum. Lola is always tryin to play wiv me and mostly she get ignored and then I do snap and gib her wot for. He he. She ave no brane an is soon back for more.

  2. Cute little cousin there Bodie - looks like he had lots of fun. Love the red boot - hope it was for show and you didn't hurt your paw. Wags.

  3. Paw bless - you both looked so cute together! Your cousin may be bigger than you are but obviously still looked up to you! Loved the wellie pal, gotta get me on of those! Take care, Bx