Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just to show that I can share sometimes...  This weekend I took my friend Bailey to Soul Beach.
Mine   ......   all mine ......
Because its getting into winter only us hardened doggies can brave the wild west coast.  We pretty much had it all to ourselves.  How lucky are we aye?

Would you like foam with that?
 Cafe au lait, - ocean style    
Living in the wild wild west.
We walked for 3 and a half hours.   THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!   And seeing as I only have half the legs of the other doggies I reckon I walked twice as far.   This is only the halfway mark and even Tosca and Yogi looked stuffied.
Bailey thinks our secret locayshun is in heaven.
Something for everyone,  a stick for Koru,  throw it,  THROW IT.
Just as I decided to cross the stream the tide came surging in.
I'm not skeered,  just safety conscious.
Slight change of plan.
Were you worried about me?  Just a little?
View of our campground,  bet you can't even see  us.
 Just to show that I do pull my weight around the house here is proof.  Me doing the dishies in my new jarmies.   
Till next time.


  1. GruffHello! I do so like to get away from it all and come to look at your beach pictures! And to have it to yourself too - marvellous. My Parent2Legs keep looking into something to get them away from the tent - they would so love a camper! Enjoy! Great to see you, take care, x

  2. What a great walk and crikey lots of foam!!! Love seeing the pictures of the beaches and the dogs having so much fun and of course have to comment on the new jammies gotta get some of those!!!

  3. That looks amazin Bodie. I see you gettin winter just as our summer has turned up. We are roastin on the patio and makin terrier steaks...

  4. Ello again from me. I did see the #flatmarley pictures and we done put em on the blog: http://flatmarley.blogspot.co.uk/ *HIGH PAW*

  5. Wow what a beautiful place :) We are very jealous!!

    Eeww look at all that brown foam!

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes