Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've been looking forward to four whole days of rest over Easter.   But I've been on the go the whole time.  Started on Friday!!!!!    That's a chocolate egg.  I've seen em before,  handle with caution - that looks far too big for you to eat on your own.
Nom chocolat
Chocolate is not good for us doggies but in the interests of your helf I could do a wee taste test for you if I must......
And then on Saturday  I got crowned.  Bet ya can't guess what this was for,  go on guess???
Does this match my furs?
Arriving home  after..................... come on have you guessed it yet???
Let me inside before the neighbours see me in this....
Yay  my Rally Novice title.    I got 99/100  and a ribbon cos we was second fastest.   Go figure that one cos my handler thought she was losted twice trying to find her way through the cones but we blundered on through.
another photo for No Idear
1920s flapper look
And cos I'm a caring sharing guy I let the Goose try on my crown for size,  twas a bit big for her so we tried it on backwards.
And just to show that sometimes I get let off for some R&R we went for a brief interlude at Waiatarua this arvo and guess who we met there.   This is Dudley, who is the bruvver of Nessie who I does agility with......  Mum spotted the sticky up tail from a field away and thought, that looks like a  happy Border Terrier tail.
Dudley is only nearly two and not as practised as posing for the pawpawrazzi as me so this is the only close up we could get before the camera died.   But he is the spitting image of Nessie.
While I've been rallying and socialising n stuff  someone who shall remain unnamed has been making sneaky attempts on Big Teds life.   We discovered this when we got home.  No fluffs around the lounge so at present the assasination has been successfully kept under wraps.
The unnamed ONE
And not doing such a good job of keeping the wildlife off the lawn.  Is your ears painted on?  Get rid of those sparrows behind ya.  What you doing?  Nuthin thats what,   nuthin.
Even in sleep my job is never done.   Lookin after Big Ted,  we are going to have to find him alternative accomodation.  He is not free from predators in this position.
My friends just call me Bodes


  1. As a 4Legged Border who also enjoys the virtue of great speed and agility, I take my hat off to your wonderful and very well deserved crown - loved the 'twenties' look - very hairy and handsome it was....and do you know you have had one egg more than me - though our Easter day is not done as I write this - otherwise I shall have to put pen to paper to complain to the Easter Bunny - I smell slow cooked beef though, maybe that's for me - here's to hoping! A very well done you to you !! and Happy Easter (Barnie x)

  2. That's a pretty badass crown you got! Amazing job on the title, hurray!

  3. congrats on your rally title - way to go!!! The crown is awesome.

  4. Nice crown Bodie. It definately suits you.
    'She who shall not be named' has a very sneaky approach to destruction. You keep a good eye on Big Ted or you never know, he could be there one day and a pile of fluff the next!

  5. Wowsies Bodie, greeat nyoos!! Lovin da crrrown! Soots yoo lods n lots! xox

  6. Ha! Ha! Bodie - loved this post! You have such a funny, witty, writing style! ;-) We giggled all the way through as we were reading. But really - don't you think that crown looks too GIRLY on you??

    Honey the Great Dane