Friday, October 14, 2011


After much waiting around I finally started agiliteez on Thursday night.  You could say I'm a late life starter.   It was very cool cos the other dogs in my class are another Border Terrier,  a Foxy and an Ozzie.  So a class full of terriers.  Lucky lucky Roy & Simone our instructors!!
Mum was oh sooooooooo excited about us going to agiliteez.  Dog bless her.
I have a bit more dignity.  Someone has to be growed up in our house!!
So now we have a garden that looks something like this.
And I have homework that looks something like this.


  1. Dang....you guys sure are clever...

  2. ohh I bet those 2 funny sticks are for stupid ol 2-by-2s! yick, poor you Bodie! I refused to even acknowledge those sticks were there when Helen tried to do 2 by 2s with me. I hope your human has better luck :-p
    slobbers, Snoopy

  3. Glad to see you guys are doing agility. Looks like you are both having a blast. Way to go!!!!!

  4. Ooh, Bodie - how exciting! I had heard a rumour about you starting Agility *(again!) and now I see that it's true! :-) That picture of your human "getting excited" is just priceless!

    And it's really interesting seeing all the different ways to teach us doggies the weave poles. I have to say, the Agility club I went to wasn't very good that way - they didn't spent time breaking the steps down at all or teaching us anything properly - just set up the courses and expected us to just do it!!

    Honey the Great Dane