Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well look who I met today out at the beach. My compatriot here is "Stones Murphy" and he is six. I know he looks quite different from me but that's just cos he's a Blue N Tan Border Terrier which you don't see many of. And he has his winter coat on ready to go. Murphy sat nice and still for this photo cos he'd discovered Mum had treaties. The day started off really slowly. Didn't roll off my duvet till 10.30 when Baileys Mum rang and asked did we want to go out West to Kakamatua for a walk. 3 hours before high tide so the estuary was about my size. Here we go, Bailey leading me into trouble. Bailey got an attack of the zoomies as soon as we got there. She had spotted 3 other chocolate labradors out there - as usual - whats with the chocolate labs.

Then .................. along came backup


Murphy hung with me n Bails for a while doing some investigatin

See what I mean about the labradors, it's a wild west takeover plot.

Then we sloped off round the corner and met these guys who invited us to play a game of zoomie tag.

I'll say hello in a minute, I have a zoomie on my tail.

I'm on fire........ follow me

Follow you


Checkin some p'mail

Sunday morning contemplation

Nice meeting you Murphy, we might see you again sometime.


  1. looks like a super fun walk!! Kakamatua is our favourite beach :)

  2. What a great day out with all your doggie pals. Love the beach.

  3. How abzolutely great to see so many doggies like that. You must have been exhaustified when you was gettin ome. Same time next week?

  4. We have never been to Kakamatua beach.... hmmm we might have to try it :)

    YOu look like you had a great time hang out with your friends and making some new ones!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes