Monday, March 28, 2011


This is Bodie the Border Terrier reporting to you tonight from my favourite supine position on the couch. In tonights programme we would like to introduce to you some fellow Border Terriers that live down under in New Zealand.

First up I would like to introduce Kenzy and Tamalee. They both live in Auckland not far from us. They do lots of energetic stuff and are always out n about.

They both do Agility. This is Kenzy sporting a fine pair of flying ears, always helpful in agility jumps.

Kenzy again full of the joys of spring.

New Zealand has a small population of 4 million people and 60 million sheep. Much of the population is in Auckland, and in some areas obvious overcrowding occurs. I would say the rules here would have to be last in first out.

Someone's been moved on and these guys have had a room upgrade.

We interrupt this episode for a news flash. Two otters have escaped from the Auckland zoo and were last reported sighted in a suburban pool.

Border Terriers do have otter like heads, and you can be forgiven for believing that news flash cos last year Jin the otter did escape from Auckland zoo. Our friend Skye was used in Search and Rescue and was brought in to track Jin. She successfully pointed them out through the Meola reef and Jin was found at Rangitoto - a volcanic island in the Auckland harbour a few days later. Kenzy and Tamalee look right at home in this wobbly blue stuff.

This is Lilly and her babies. Sorry to interrupt you Lilly but we had to show off your lovely pups. Check out those little otter heads.

Lilly & her sister Ruby here live on a farm. Ruby is the cowhand, here she is helping out with the evening milking. Good on yer mate, someones gotta help pump up our GDP.

That's the end of tonights episode, now it's time for me to pack Mums bag for work tomorrow. Ruby will appreciate my thoughtfulness below. (Found this "thang" in my handbag going out to work the other morning - I'm sure it was packed with love - ed)


  1. Michelle,
    What an awesome commentroy. You have certainly got the knack of relaying the photo's, which of course were lovely. But I would say that about my girls. Lilly and her pups were soooo cute.


  2. We has been readin wiv interest and we haz added NZ to "places we would like to go" list. Your BTs look great.

  3. Wow, how great to have so many border terrier friends. The pups are gorgeous.

  4. Oh Bodie!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!! How come you never introduced me to all these cool Border Terriers when I was still in Auckland?! :-)

    And Hsin-Yi loves it too coz you know Borders were on that shorlist of doggies she might like instead of Danes (did you see it?) - and this just confirms it!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Great programme! Couldn't pull our eyes away.

    I don't think we have seen even one border terrier...hmm we will keep our eyes peeled as they are out there - you know lots of them! :D

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. Yeah we think you notice dogs like cars. Once you have a certain type of car you notice lots of em. Mum had never seen a Border Terrier in her life till she found em at a dog show and knew that BTs were her kind of dog. Now we see em everywhere!!!