Saturday, February 5, 2011


Grief it's HOT and to top it off Mum say's my winter coat has come in with a vengeance. What's a vengeance Mum and how did it get in? Maybe it came in over the fence. What's it doing with my coat?

Here's me not even a month ago in my summer togs.

And now 3 weeks later and you can't even see my collar. I think my coat just grew one night while I was sleeping.

The Goose, busy being hot.

Me busy being hotter, its a grillion dogrees and 100% humidity in Auckland, think I might have to move to somewhere cool like a drink bowl.

Back to hunting the vengeance, there's not enough room for one here with me, the Goose and Ash the cat, do you have to get a permit for a vengeance? Don't worry Mum, if it's here we will find it.

I think Goose has found it!!!!!

OH NOOOOOO MUM'S BEEN DRAWING ON MY BLOG! I've asked her not to be doing that and to find something more useful to do with her time like taking Goose out on the bike. Her drawing's so bad - a vengeance probably doesn't look like that at all.


  1. Your coat is beautiful, Zack's coat doesn't grow very much - maybe you should live in Canada with all the snow and Zacky live in New Zealand where it's warm LOL!!!

  2. Oh Bodie - I promise you it's not as hot as over here in Australia!!! :-) But having said that, I haven't got a coat like yours...I remember it really well - it was like there was an extra dog there on you! Hee! Hee!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. I think your depiction of a vengence is pretty spot on but I think that a vengence should probably have some gnashing teeth and maybe some wings to aid escape from rampaging terriers.

  4. I just been stripped. It was cold here cos we is at opposite side of da werld from you so I was glad of my winter coat....but now its gone. dad says it takes years off me when I am stripped..