Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is Dr Bodie examining your darkest fears. What is it around your house that really scares you?
We are coming up to Guy Fawkes day tomorrow, does that worry you? It certainly doesn't bother our household. Fearless we are, pull the curtains, turn on the telly and ignore all those loud bangs.

Is it the vacuum cleaner. Nope not me, Bodie the Brave.

And Goo the fairly brave and even helpful. Lift up those feet, oh you are - up on the coffee table there you go.

The lawn mower, nope that doesn't dent our demeanour in fact we think it is playtime. Unhelpful #1.

Unhelpful #2 a carefully placed roadblock, and immune to the noise, keep it down would you.

Unhelpful #3 about to dive roll on a dead wormie. In fact sometimes we are so unhelpful that we are asked to move on, although it sounds more like "Oy move your carcass!!!" How rude, a bit of politeness never hurt.

This is what is the scariest thing is in our house. It is soooooooo scary it only comes out once a year or two and it is usually banished once my memory returns and I have to repel it with my powers.

I obviously have suppressed memories in this photo, look how close I am standing to it.

Oh oh, memories are coming back.

No, get back in your room and don't come out till I tell you!!!!

Heres me in action repelling the scary thing in our house. I think GOOs brains have fallen out she is just running round the garden with her squeaky toy. It takes Mum a couple of minutes to get this going, today was not the day.

I think the didge is a beautiful and haunting instrument but whenever I get it out this is the reaction I get and same from my last dog so it is not to be. Very hard to play too, it takes me a couple of minutes for me to get the breathing right and Bodie was carrying on like a banshee just hearing the breathing coming down the tube. BTW, I have edited the last post a bit, the jurys out on the ribs, some very sharp looking shards coming off them so we will not be finishing that lot. Dont tell the Bodester... However we can highly recommend the liver treats which will see us through the summer once I have broken them down into BT rather than dinosaur sized pieces.


  1. The only fing that duss scare me is the fan oven. When it come on I can be found in the garden hidin in the hedge and shakin. No one knows why cos I dussnt be scared of anyfink else noisy.

    Is the didgeridoo the original YouToob?

  2. Blimy, it certainly sets them off. The hoover vacuum sets Zack off- he hates it. Is that a didgereedoo (sp?)?

  3. My BT and my ScottieX both hate my OH's didj - they go mental as soon as he moves it -total madness.

  4. Yes it is. I had too many movies open and saved and got all confused. But we learnt from this that we can put a video on our bloggy without putting it on You Tube. We is slow computer learners in our house. And we had the big black screen of deff on Friday!!! which Uncle IT guy has just fixed for us tonight. Thanks muchly - Bodie

  5. Oh gosh, Bodie - you ARE brave! I am terrified of the vacuum monster and the lawn mower monster. I go and hide in the bedroom when I hear them come on! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane