Monday, April 12, 2010

Tag Game

My friend Honey the Great Dane has tagged me to play a game. I had to open my very first photo album and post the 10th photo. Here it is. Its me on a playdate when I was about 12 weeks old. We went back to my Dad Stanleys place to play with my sister Ruby. And two of the other puppies in this picture were born a week before me in Wellington so they came to play too. The big brown guy is my Dad Stan, Ruby has the sparkly red collar on and true to form she is bossing me. Thats me at the top with my ears pinned back. My Dad Stanley looking after me and Ruby having a good old bark.

This is Katie and Gypsy the two Wellington puppies. I met up with Katie for lots of playdates when I was little cos she lived just round the corner.

Stanley, Ruby and my brother Archie in the yellow collar. There were four puppies in my litter, three of us came to Auckland and my other little sister Millie went to Wellington. Aren't I the spitting image of my old man.

Heres one of the photos that was taken before the 10th photo for the competition, me at 7 weeks old. We have a really black coat when we are born. And we look like little Otters, part of our breed specifications says something about having a perfect otter head. Huh - whatever - do Otters like biskies???

So the rules of the game are
post the 10th photo, show and tell - whats it about, tag some more friends to play
I'm tagging my friends
Brody the Sibebord
Pepper the Pound Pup
Mo the Border Terrier in England
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  1. Hey Bodie - I can't believe how cute you were as a puppy!!!! OK, you're cute now but when you were a pup, it was like cutness x 10!!!

    And yes - i do think you're the spitting image of your Dad!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Man you were cute as a puppy! Ruby looks naughty!
    Emily & Pepper

  3. Bodie, you were truly one of the beutiest little doggy I've ever seen :). But don't be said, you are still a real cutie. And your sister and brothers are also adorable.
    Best wishes for you