Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last week I went to my first ever Nationals with my buddies, Onny, Moss, Brody, Murphy & True. Me & my buddy Onny.
Me & Moss watching Onny practising.

The field we were meant to be camping in was all boggy so we camped in the carpark for the week. Over the next couple of days apart from lots of lounging about, I was entered in the Curtain Raiser show and the Nationals Obedience event. Heres some pictures of me in the ring.

Thank goodness, ready to go, Mum & Aunty Jan have been getting all stressy outside for the past half hour. Ladies please. I have been walking since I was a day old, its a couple of left turns a couple of right turns and a sit down. For goodness sake, chill out. Ready steady, go

Here I am rocketing along, look how blurry the steward is - I think there must be a race to the finish line. See how close I am to Mums leg, that means we shouldn't lose too many points - phew.

And HALT. yep a nice straight sit.

Bringing back the dumbbell.

Round to heel for a perfect finish.

Intense concentration, waiting to do my recall. Don't anticipate, dont anticipate, dont ant...

What a team!

My points. Look at the zero by RT, that will make Mum happy. There were some Border Terrier Breeders outside the ring and they thought I was fantastic. They were a little incredulous that a border terrier was doing obedience, what do they mean??!!

The 2 minute downstay. I'm not sure what the point of this is - maybe it's to have a rest after all that walking about. I have to have a lie down for two minutes while Mum walks away and stares at the wall. I'll just chew on my paw till she gets back.

We drove home on Monday. We weren't too sure if we were going to get home as the Desert Road was closed and the Napier to Taupo Road. Luckily this road was open. Looks cold out there. Lucky we are in our warm beds in the van.

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  1. Oh Bodie - I think you're fantastic to! A Border Terrier doing obedience at the Nationals...you show them!! HAh!! I like the pictures of you doing your stuff - you look so serious! Hee! Hee! (by the way what does RT mean?)

    That is a lot of snow! I can't believe it!

    Honey the Great Dane