Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Off to a show up at Mangawhai on Sunday. Up at sparrows !!! and waiting for my ride to arrive. We've got a cunning plan today, I've got me a different handler, gonna see whats going on at these shows, if its me or the handler!!! YEAH. (note to self, must get the paparazzi trained up in photoshop to hide the damage to the front door. that was the cat!!!)

Here's me in the winning line up. Not sure how that critter on the left beat me, look, it can't even sit for the paparazzi. I beat the border on the right in a run off, us borders have to stick together!! Look, it can't even sit straight for the camera, where's its panache.

Check this out, Novice -2nd. Theres an obedience champ lurking beneath this nonchalant brown coat. See what you can do with the right handler. Gonna see about firing my staff or getting her some extra training!! Whats a guy to do, she's holding me back?

Home again, stuffed, all that driving, concentration, paparazzi. Where's my cuddly??


  1. Hi bud, loving, this my mum working you, its about time, I have been busting my gut for your mum for a year!!!. hey congrats on your second, and keep up the good work, it might keep my mum busy, and then I might be allowed to get old! and eat my own chicken!
    your pretty cool bud, moss

  2. Hi Bodie,
    I came over here from Honey's blog. Congratulations on your competition, although I don't know about having to wear that black and white flower on your chest.

  3. Honey sent us over to sniff you out and we are so impressed with your award ribbon. WOWZA! We came to see you on just the most right day!