Monday, September 21, 2009


Us Border Terriers are a bit of a chameleon. We have a winter and a summer coat. And to get from one to the other we get hand stripped once or twice a year to remove our thick coat. This is about May early winter in the Southern Hemisphere getting my coat on.
Photo by Matilda. www.equinepictures.net
So heres me at the end of last winter about mid September in my full "blown" winter coat. We'll call this my "Hairy Yak" look .

Ah, the hand stripping begins. Mum pulls my top coat out by hand, little bit by little bit so it doesn't hurt. She does it in front of tv, and takes about a month. What about my pride? This is what we call the "mange" look. Am I a good model or what...

The "sideburns" look.

"Nanook of the North in Ugg Boots" look. Seriously you don't think you are taking me out on the street looking like this do you. Enough is enough!!!!!

Finally - TO THE RESCUE!!!. Heres me at Angels Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour in Massey. Matilda competed in the Groomalong Competition in Canterbury this year with 50 other contestants and came 1st in the Terrier Group with an Airedale and 3rd with a Border Terrier in the hand stripping so she is more than competent to rescue me from Mums attempts. Thank goodness - heres me telling her all my woes. http://www.masseypets.co.nz/

Home James - and don't spare the horses...

Naked!!! And a shadow of my former self.


  1. You look doggone awesome! (The mange look wasn't really a great look for you lol :-)

  2. OH my God, Bodie!!!!!! I can't believe it! You look like a completely different dog!! OK, I have to confess now - I actually prefer you with your scruffy look! :-) It sort of gives you more character, I think...but I suppose now you'll look more like a Mini-Me for our Pairs Routine!

    Your human is very patient to do all that grooming and hand stripping - mine is the laziest bum on the planet when it comes to grooming (she says that's one reason she got a Dane for our short wash 'n' wear coats). I'm lucky if she gets the Zoom Groom out once a month!! Thank goodness, my other human has taken over my grooming now and he is much better disciplined and so now I get a nice grooming session every Sunday!

    Hey - am glad Mrs Magoo liked my swimming video - I hope she gets to go and try out Club K9 soon too - and then she must post about it to show us!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. ps. that 1st photo of you is just STUNNING!!! You look "just perfectly scruffy"! :-)

  4. Bodie you are one handsome dude !!
    Woofs from Leo across the water